Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where are the wealthy patrons of the Arts today?

Of all things, this picture is of the exterior of a parking garage!

Why aren't there more original buildings like this?

Why have beautiful and intelligent structures become more and more a minority in an ocean of eyesores and blase buildings, boring the optics of the masses, making the insipid destinations of man's routines all the more feckless?


A result of Capitalism, unfortunately, is the degradation of art, culture, and novel ideas. Because if it isn't economical and lucrative, it does not get thought of, and even if it makes it that far, it is not manifested for fear of it becoming another failed investment.

Such work relies on patrons, as has a lot of great art throughout human history.

My question is, when they are needed perhaps more than they have ever been in human history, where are the wealthy patrons of the Arts?

If I were to become wealthy (see Chris Rock's distinction between "rich" and "wealthy") I would spend my days traveling to exotic libraries, temples, mountains, springs, parks, breweries, restaurants, help eliminate starvation and poverty, and fund projects like the creation of this building.

That's what I want to be - Patron of the Arts/Traveler/Philanthropist.