Friday, April 4, 2008

The Course of the Nerves

From Charles Bell, "A Series of Engravings Explaining the Course of the Nerves", London, 1803

"Charles Bell was an English surgeon who did his own engravings together with his brother John, who was also a surgeon."

The Future?

Alexander Ramsay: Flap-illustration, early 19th century.

"Early 1800's flap-illustration by Alexander Ramsay made for his lectures in New England, Southern USA and Canada. a hundred years before Schwitters and Dada."

USG: Supporting Troops in Theatre But Not at Home?

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Hanging On

[Image by Dad]

It seems although, officially, Spring has been here (CT) since March 21st, Winter is still hanging on with its cold dead hands.

I have to go turn the heat up, my fingers and toes are numbing.

But time is on my side.