Saturday, March 29, 2008

Marbled Sky, Wistful, Still Lonely

Pictures By Simone Byrne


Tease By Coreesi


Heavenly By Simone Byrne

Atmosphere: God's Bathroom Floor

This is one of the most profound, warm, and spellbinding hip-hop songs I have ever heard.

If you love music and can at least tolerate hip-hop artists, then please listen to this - you'll thank me for it.

One note on the video below played with the song: It is from the movie Trainspotting and has some graphic scenes.

If you type "god loves ugly" in youtube you'll find alternate versions that are less offensive so you can still relish in this sublime piece of music without the visual repugnance of a drug-dominated reality.

Listen below:

Here's another song by the magnificent Atmosphere: