Sunday, January 18, 2009

CONVERGING while Expanding

Take our pills and drive our cars and
shut the fuck up.
But I'm getting ahead of myself,

clustering and
gravity, mass and
fusion, star birth and
supernovas, planet vs. planet,
restoring tabula rasa, cooling,
acid rain, ocean, php balance, single
cells, mitosis, photosynthesis, fish, feet,
dinosaurs, mammals, upright, opposable thumbs, big brain,
religion, agriculture, bartering, wheels, seamen, Mesopotamia, Money,
Greece, Jesus, Rome, Medieval Ages, printing press, DaVinci, 1492, Williams
Shakespeare, heliocentrism, Cartesian Doubt, Newton's apple, electricity, life,
liberty, pursuit of, honest Abe, Evolution, light blub, unconscious, E=MC2, crash, TV, Potato
Head blues, Hitler, Nagasaki, fall out zones, tv dinners, 1984, suburbs, ARPA, Howl, Beatles, the
moon, million man march, Berlin, video games, PC, mobile, iPod, 9/11, Deoxyribonucleic acid, CERN, Obama -


the whole of 13.7 billion years evolution
weighing on our 3 lbs brain at this very moment
simultaneously... unfathomable lapse of
time condensed into
one set
of neural firings that gives us
January 18th 2009 4:01AM...