Friday, March 7, 2008

Jack Johnson: Eco-Friendly Musician

The following is a of a piece of an interview with Jack Johnson after he finished making his latest album, Sleeping Through the Static. The album is like listening to velvet. If you feel stressed, I stress you give it a listen. To hear some of the music, click on the link from my "What I'm Listening To" section.

"The studio, being that it runs off solar power and all the wood that we used in here comes from reclaimed lumber, it just feels better. It feels nice to think of our Australian friend Luke coming in here and stripping all that wood and building all those things. It feels more homemade anyways, you know just doing as many things as you can to have a low impact. Then once we're in here, it feels good, but it's not like we make music because we have a solar-powered studio, we make music because there's things to talk about in life and there's songs you want to write."

Here's the full interview.

“I've kind of always tried to make it secondary to life, you know? The kind of music I make I think is best at barbecues and road trips. It's kind of good soundtrack music.”

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