Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Against the onslaught of laughter, nothing can stand" (Mark Twain)

I've been "in it" recently,
and well I've been saved
yes by music,
music is the beauty that numbs sadness,
music is soulfood,
music is the oar
when you are in an open ocean
music stands more epic than
the buildings,
the mountains,
and even the egos,
yes music has been there for me
more than I've been there for me,
you could say I am the music I love -
but this time it was not entirely music
that ebbed the madness -
it was the holiest thing I know -
and if there are gods
it must be what they're made of -


Here's a piece of the good stuff, the best stuff, the stuff good lives are made of and the stuff that makes good lives.

RIP Mitch Hedberg.

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