Wednesday, March 12, 2008 The Potential is Astounding

What Can be Done

Never before could one so easily help to alleviate the unjustifiable
suffering that is so rampant throughout the world.

With just a few clicks one can give power to one of the most
effective philanthropic organizations to ever exist.

The following is a email I received today.

Please read it and then go to

The email:

Dear James,

The momentum around the international affairs budget has shifted in the last 24 hours. Now, rather than fending off a devastating cut to poverty-fighting funding in 2009, we are poised to achieve a huge victory. But we need your help.

Late last night, Senators Biden (D-DE) and Lugar (R-IN) introduced a new amendment.

This amendment would restore the $2.6 billion we have been working toward, but also would add an additional $1.5 billion to the international affairs budget.

It is worth noting that the Bush administration has requested, and is likely to receive, $647 billion for the defense budget.

It's going to take everything that we've got to get this amendment over the top. If there was ever a moment to pick up the phone and call your senators, this is it.

Call your senators today and tell them to support this critical amendment.

To find out your senators' contact information click here or call 202-224-3121.

While speaking to your senators' staff, make sure to tell them:

1. You are a constituent and a ONE member.
2. You want them to support the Biden-Lugar amendment to restore $4.1 billion to the international affairs budget, to match the president's budget request.

Budgets are written through a series of choices, and those choices have consequences. When they vote on this amendment, senators will be making a choice that can mean life or death for millions of people around the globe. Call your senators and urge them to make the right choice [bold & added].


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