Thursday, March 13, 2008

Go to Hell

Is a new and promising music scene actually brewing in the Elm City?

It very well may be. And if this thing does take off, as I suppose it might, it is not likely to mimic any local music/art culture development I have seen here before.

I'm looking forward to the first show which is actually this coming Saturday, the 15th.

Here is some info from Hell's project website:

Located on 325 East Street New Haven, CT Hell has been around for 11 years and is currently gearing up for a new series called "Go To Hell!!!" Saturdays featuring the best local indie talent and guest DJ's.

Hell has until this point been a lounge and is now establishing itself as a new music venue for people of the open-minded arts community.

On the first, third, and fourth saturdays of every month, Hell will feature inspiring local talent and DJ's that don't spin your average records. This is a place that welcomes all people who are open-minded and want to expose themselves to new music and meet like-minded people.

Our goal is to bring people together through new music and art.

Stay tuned for band info and information on our upcoming summer festival that will be held outside the club in a fenced in area. There will be many bands over a two day festival which will also feature a graffiti wall and local visual artists.

If you would like to contribute to our summer festival, send your ideas.

Spread the word.

Kick off party Saturday March 15, come out and see what happens here for yourself!

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